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It's World Elephant Day! Together, let's do our part to save the species!

Today, elephants face threats not just from destruction of natural habitats and ivory poachers, but also from the dangers of landmines and explosive remnants of war. In Southern Africa, home to the world's largest population of elephants, these indiscriminate killers can kill or maim these majestic animals and disrupt their migratory paths.

Elephants have even been known to avoid areas they recognize as mined, resulting in overcrowding of the species in some areas, while large swaths of otherwise suitable land remain underpopulated. This increases the risk of human-elephant conflict, reduces genetic diversity among the species critical to long-term survival, and prevents the free movement for grazing.

The United States plays a critical role in funding demining to support conservation, and your Members of Congress need to hear your support for this work.

This includes APOPO's project in Zimbabwe where APOPO's demining work is helping protect one of the most important African Elephant populations in the world.

As we continue to fight for not only the safety of human lives, but of elephants and all animals that we share the planet with, we hope you'll join us!

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APOPO is a global non-profit that provides low-tech, cost-efficient solutions to pressing humanitarian challenges. For over 20 years, APOPO has trained detection animals to find landmines and other explosive remnants of war significantly speeding up the rate at which land is released back to vulnerable communities. We are committed to releasing land at an accelerated pace, helping to protect more people, animals, and wildlife.
Learn more about APOPO and our latest conservation and demining project in Zimbabwe that is funded by the US government.

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Tell Congress to support demining for conservation!

We already know that landmines kill and injure thousands every year, including far too many children.

But, did you know that landmines also threaten wildlife?

In Southern Africa, explosive remnants of war kill and maim elephants, disrupt their migratory routes, and prevent safe access for wildlife management - allowing poaching to run rampant.

We cannot allow these deadly hazards to continue to pollute natural habitats, harming animals, and humans alike.

That's why The HALO Trust and APOPO are working to ensure that Congress provides funding for demining to support environmental conservation. And we need your help!

Contact your Members of Congress today. Tell them we can save lives and protect wildlife by funding demining programs!

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Support $252.05m for global demining programs - protect wildlife & natural resources!

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As your constituent, I wanted to bring to your attention to the importance of funding global landmine removal programs. U.S. demining programs not only save human lives and foster stability in post-war settings, but also facilitate environmental conservation..

In countries like Angola and Zimbabwe, landmines directly harm wildlife, prevent safe access for park rangers to address poaching, and impede sustainable development for local populations.

The U.S. must increase its support for demining programs to promote natural resource management, protect vulnerable wildlife populations, and allow conservation economies to thrive.

Please support no less than $252.05m for the State Department's Conventional Weapons Destruction (NADR-CWD) account in the FY21 budget, matching the allocation already approved by the House. Please also support no less than $10 million for demining activities in Angola, no less than $4 million for demining activities in Zimbabwe, and no less than $3 million for demining with conservation implications.

This is an issue I care about greatly, and I hope I can count on the Senator's support. I would appreciate a response at:

Thank you for your consideration.

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