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Adopt a HeroRAT and help people to live, work, and play without fear or disease

For as little as $7.00 a month you can adopt a HeroRAT and help save lives

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A HeroRAT adoption will never be forgotten. Simply select your favorite HeroRAT, sign up, and you will receive your gift to your email inbox within 30 seconds. Every adopter receives a welcome pack, adoption certificate, and monthly updates via email.


Meet Marous the HeroRAT

Meet Marcous

Marcous is a bundle of energy and an elite mine detection rat based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A real character with a steely determination, Marcous sniffs out explosives ninety six times faster than conventional solutions.

Meet Chewa the HeroRAT

Meet Chewa

Chewa is a male Tuberculosis Detection Rat based in Dar Es Salaam, a mega-city in Tanzania. Chewa can search for TB in sputum samples 96 times faster than a lab technician. Adopt Chewa and help us to stop TB.

Meet Ikemba the HeroRAT

Meet Ikemba

Ikemba is a female Mine Detection Rat working in rural Angola which suffered heavily from a brutal civil war. Ikemba can sniff out landmines much faster than using a metal detector. Adopt Ikemba and help save lives.

HeroRATs save lives

HeroRAT adoptions like yours make a huge impact on our humanitarian work. Your support will help us:

Deadly Landmines

Train HeroRATs to safely sniff out deadly landmines and tuberculosis

Treated like Heroes

Make sure the HeroRATs get treated like the heroes they are with regular health checks, nutritious food, and high quality housing

Supporting Local Communities

Support local communities to live, work, and play without fear of deadly disease or explosive remnants of war

Research & Development into HeroRATs

Research and develop the HeroRATs to make them more effective at saving lives


Marcous is a highly trained Mine Detection Rat or MDR for short. Marcous saves lives by using his remarkable sense of smell to safely sniff out explosives faster than existing methods. Cambodia is the world’s second most mined country in the world and Marcous is on a mission to protect local communities.

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