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About Ikemba

Name: Ikemba (EE- KEM - BAH)
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 20 March 2013
Job title: Mine Detection Rat
Birthplace: Morogoro, Tanzania
Current Location: Malange, Angola
Length: 75cm
Weight: 900 grams
Favourite food: Bananas
Personality: Kind and sociable
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Ikemba in the field
Ikemba the HeroRAT Background

Ikemba was the runt of the litter, and almost never made it, but with the dedicated support of the APOPO team she’s now one of the best mine detection rats in the business. Born in Morogoro, Tanzania, Ikemba deployed to Malange, Angola, where she helps sniff out mines in one of the most mine affected places in the world.

Ikemba Protects Children Protecting children

46% of landmine victims are children. In 2014, Ikemba helped discover a landmine less than twenty meters from the town school playground in Ngola Luije. It had lain hidden for over twenty years. The school’s headmaster explained that while the minefields were clearly marked, the children’s football was inevitably kicked into the overgrowth. If no adults were around, the children would nominate someone to sneak into the minefield to retrieve it.

Ikemba the HeroRAT & Handler Animal welfare

We treat Ikemba and our other rats like the heroes they are. All HeroRATs receive regular health check-ups, great food, and regular exercise and enrichment. HeroRATs are too light to trigger landmines and not a single animal has ever been harmed during our detection activities.

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