Help us make sure that people can live without fear of deadly landmines or disease

Make a gift that saves lives!


Personalise and make it special

Once you've added all your great gifts it's time to make them even more special. At checkout you can:

Give to a loved one or friend

Gift a loved one or friend

Give the gift in honour

Add a personal message

Make a gift that will never be forgotten

Add a personal message with each gift

Personalise an eCertificate

Personalise an eCertificate

You can add in the name of your giftee and a personalized message (see sample)


Help a great cause and save lives

Gifts in action

APOPO Gifts in Action

Your support makes a big difference. Every gift enables APOPO and the HeroRATs to save lives.

Where your money goes

Where APOPO money goes

Each time you buy a HeroGIFT you'll be making a direct contribution to APOPO's life-saving work, providing innovative solutions to global problems.

How your gift helps

How APOPO Hero Gifts Help

Every Hero Gift makes a direct contribution to either Landmine Clearance, Tuberculosis Detection, or HeroRAT Care.

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